Octus innovative ecosystems help create a smart and ergonomic digital environment for residents of apartment complexes.

The company works with large developers introducing its technologies at the design and construction stages. Our bureau, together with the KB-12 Branding agency, developed the logo, corporate identity and brand book of the company.
Arbutus bed & bar
The logo adapts to various color combinations, and actively lives in the style in the form of a pattern.
The laconic color combination of just three colors emphasizes the modern mood of the digital environment. Animated intros can be used in digital environments, and unusual modern materials can be used in offline media.
The main design element is the logo and color. In some layouts, the logo also plays the role of super-graphics.
After the development and approval of the logo and corporate identity, a detailed brand book was developed that describes the rules and concept of the brand.
The development of the logo and  corporate style was done by:
Julia Borisova
Art Director
Ivan Usanov
Nadya Zdor
Iskander Ismagilov